His Gift To Us Foundation

Smokin’Vapor has a Foundation! The first of it’s kind. It’s aimed at helping people who are in serious need of an alternative to cigarettes, or cigars! It’s easier to find that $5.00 for a pack of cigarettes, just for today but not as easy to find the money for that first electronic cigarette kit. One kit can cost between $40.00 and $100.00. Battery sizes and name brands dictate the cost. But when someone’s smoking is threatening their life NOW, and they have already tried most, if not all of the products available on the market today and have found no success then perhaps it’s time to try a different alternative!


It can be very surprising to see just how easy it really is to switch from one model of cigarette, to another model of cigarette. However, those who have tried one of those gas station e-cigs may have found them to be harsh, even causing a cough so bad it could induce vomiting. When the reaction is that bad, then there is no amount of time that will get them used to them. This is the time for a more PERSONAL APPROACH FROM THOSE WHO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING! 


We have been in business more than 6 years now, longer than any other shop in the entire panhandle of Florida and only the second shop to have opened in the entire state of Florida! We are constantly learning, reading, and helping to pay for studies done on our products. (As we all know, there have been MANY tests/studies done on these to date!) Gas station or convenient store disposable or even rechargeable electronic cigarettes have cartridges that are pre-filled. That means they are filled where ever they are made, usually in China! And they do not tell us what is in their liquid, or the grade of the product they are using. Remembering how lead paint got into some of my kids toys, I realized that we needed liquid that was manufactured in the U.S.A., to OUR country’s standards.  We are seriously engaged in our industry for our customers more than ourselves!


Our Foundation is set up to help those who are already diagnosed with a smoking related illness. We have engaged our local supporting physicians right now. They receive an application form, fill it out with the patient that they would like to receive an electronic cigarette kit. Preferably someone that has already tried all the quit smoking products on the market today and have found that they are not effective for them. The application is signed by the doctor and witnessed, then sent along to the Foundation. The Foundation receives the applications and the board reviews all of them. We would like to fill every application that comes in! But, right now we only have enough funding to support approximately 2 applications, from each physician, per week, for an entire year. We are in great need of funding at this time.


Once the applicant is contacted by the Foundation they give us a time when they can come in to one of the closest Smokin’ Vapor stores, to choose a kit they like, and be FITTED with the right liquid FOR THEM! They are given enough supplies to last approximately one month. It will then be their responsibility to purchase those supplies after the first month. And since the cost of vaping is significantly CHEAPER THAN THE COST OF CIGARETTES, this will be much easier on their wallets from what they are used to with cigarettes! We can give support and encouragement and advice to help that customer all along the way. We ask the physicians to keep track of this patient’s progress or failure for up to one year. Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, a cardiologist from Athens, Greece has been active in the testing of these products for the scientific world. Those notes would help the industry and his studies. How well they are doing, if this is working for them, and if it is keeping them from smoking cigarettes! We hope that physicians stats will come in useful in the near future!


At this time, not all electronic cigarette stores, or eliquid shops, are regulated. And not all electronic cigarette shops are willing to help the Foundation out right now. So, that is why we send them to one of the Smokin’ Vapor stores in Florida. Someday we would like the Foundation to become a national program. But, we will start small and work hard to become large! It is our hope that we will receive more funding from electronic cigarette companies and generous philanthropists, along with other AEMSA members so that we CAN become national. That is the goal. It was one of the very first things I wanted to do when I opened the business. And it is now finally a reality!

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