From Start To Today!

Smokin' Vapor is a true 'Vape Shop'. It was started from the back seat of my car. Within a year it became a brick and mortar store in Panama City Beach, Florida. We stretched out our stores between Destin and Panama City before franchising in other states. We prefer to work with our customers in person. But this is a large country and working with each person who needs the change is difficult! So, a website is needed for any returning customers who do not live here. For those who visited Panama City Beach from another state, the choice of an online store or a phone in order is available. If you have not walked into a Smokin' Vapor store, if you do not live where this is possible, you may call in so that you will get personal help! All we ask is that you tell us whether you already have a lung or throat condition from smoking already. This will help us to HELP YOU - better. We ask a lot of questions, but this is how we work! The more information we have the better we can taylor your kit. We aren't saying that more 'tailored' help is more costly. Never!! We want to help you, not drain your wallet!!

I like to let everyone know that I truly believe that God gave mankind the knowledge to create this product. We have put a man on the moon. We have put a rover on another planet. And we have sent a large telescope into space to send pictures back to Earth, of the universe we can't see with the naked eye. Yet, no one invented the ecig during this time? Well, that may not be accurate! For an American man invented the first electronic cigarette in 1963... and the FDA prevented you from getting one. They prevented America from creating and using the product that God gave them the knowledge to invent. But they couldn't prevent another country from manufacturing it - and selling it to the world! Instead of America selling it to the world - China is selling it to the world! That could have been US, many years ago!!

Smokin' Vapor is God's business; he just allows me to run it. And sometimes I make mistakes. But I really do try to make the decisions that I think God wants me to make. Therefore, money is not the most important thing here! We need it to provide jobs to our employees, to pay the overhead on each store, and the taxes (oh the taxes!!). But that will come. As long as we try to do the right things, it will come.

We have started a non profit foundation for the panhandle of Florida that helps people who have already been diagnosed with a smoking related illness. If these people are still smoking and have already tried all the traditional routes to quit... and they have failed... then perhaps we can help. If you would like to know more about this foundation, write to:

His Gift To Us Foundation
8730 Thomas Dr
Suite 1103-A
Panama City Beach, FL 32408

Thank you for visiting our webpage. I do hope we can help you... or someone you love!