Why Smokin' Vapor?

The answer is simple.  We care about what we do.  We stay up on all the research studies that come out, and we have contributed to those studies financially. We strive to provide a great customer service experience that excels, both online and in our retail stores.  And we prove how much we care with our 'His Gift To Us Foundation'!  We also know, that without our customers we would not be able to exist.

ABOUT OUR LIQUIDS! - We mix all of our liquids in our clean manufacturing facility, using only the finest American Made ingredients.  This should be important to you because there are currently no regulations or standards that exist or have to be met.  This means that the ingredients can be purchased from anywhere, regardless of the quality, and poured anywhere, including bathrooms, tattoo parlors, retail stores or other unsanitary locations.

NOTE:  We manufacture our liquids from American Made Ingredients in our clean facility that will pass FDA inspections once regulations are in place.  We market our e-Liquid as American Premium E-Liquid from Emerald Coast Vapor in Miramar Beach, Florida.

Somewhere along the line, great companies have to make a stand and define its values.  So, what's important to us?

Rewards - When you purchase 4-30ml bottles of liquid you get a 5th one FREE!  Put your choice for a 5th bottle (flavor and nicotine level) in the notes field at check out!

Honesty - We are honest in all we do.  When we make a commitment we follow through.  Only then can we expect our customers to be honest with us.

Fairness - We sell our products for a fair price.  Sure, you can probably find what you are looking for elsewhere.  With all of our relationships, the one question we always ask ourselves is "Is it fair for everyone involved".  

Competence - Face it.  Anyone can open an e-Cig website or retail store.  But it is important to understand that this industry is dealing with peoples lives, and if these products are used improperly, they can cause injury.  (For example, using a coil that cannot handle the amperage produced by the battery can cause an explosion.)  

Knowledge - Knowing which pieces and parts work and being able to answer all your questions and concerns based on the latest industry and product knowledge.  Our consultants stay up to date on industry products, safety issues, studies & reports, as well as legal issues facing the vaping community.  And this is why we see other local shops copying everything we do!

Health - Without health, we have nothing.  So come in and.... Stop Smokin' And Start Vapin'*!




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*Stop Smokin' and Start Vapin'

*Smokin' Vapor

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